Seasonal Allergy Chat Bot

Log Symptoms, Discover Triggers, Crowdsource Relief

Let's About Your Allergies

Hayfever is a bot that wants to chat with you about your seasonal allergies.

Record Symptoms

As you chat, Hayfever will keep track of your symptoms, where you experienced them, and what allergens are in the area.

View Allergens

Hayfever can access data about the pollens and air quality near you so you can better understand what's triggering your symptoms.

Track Medications

Certain medications may work better for different people, in different locations, or at different times of the year. Hayfever can help you sort this out.

Pollen Levels

US Pollen

Ozone Levels

US Ozone

Particulate Levels

US PM2.5

About Hayfever

Daniel Tyreus ( - - ) is the human behind Hayfever, a seasonal allergy sufferer who also happens to be a software developer and data scientist. To learn a little more about how Hayfever came to be, read this Medium post.

Hayfever is a spare-time project, so there is no professional support. If you have comments, suggestions, or need help, look up Daniel on Twitter or open a support ticket. Your feedback and support of this project will be the main driving force for which features get built and when.

As more people use Hayfever, the bot can get smarter about predicting conditions that cause symptoms and identifying what has helped allergy sufferers in your area. So let's use our phones to build the most complete, real-time, super-localized allergy data set ever and use it to reduce the misery we experience from seasonal allergies.